How to Upload Videos

There are many websites allow you upload videos for free, and can be shared, if it’s long video, better you just send us a url. if just short clips, you can also email us.

1, YouTube is free and easy to do, and if you set as unlisted, won’t be seen by public but can be shared by URL

Click Here to find out how to upload youtube videos.

2. Vimeo – password protect your video files for secure sharing 

Vimeo is known as a high-quality video hosting platform with excellent privacy features. This makes it a great choice for both individuals and businesses looking to share videos privately.

3. Dropbox – upload videos to your own private drive

Widely used for sharing files, including videos, Dropbox’s user-friendly interface and strong security features make it a top choice for private video sharing.

4. . Google Drive – the safest way to share videos privately within your organization

We all know about Google Drive. It’s arguably one of those most well-known and reliable cloud storage providers, offering air-tight privacy features and seamless integration with other Google services. It has all you need to share private videos.

5. Send Anywhere – fast and secure file sharing for private videos

Send Anywhere is an ideal option for those who prioritize speed, security, and simplicity in private video sharing.

6. OneDrive – versatile and secure cloud sharing for videos

OneDrive is Microsoft’s file sharing solution and one of the most well-known cloud storage providers. It’s a versatile platform for private video sharing, especially for those invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.

7. WeTransfer – simplest way to share video online privately

When it comes to sharing videos privately online, WeTransfer is most people’s go-to. Its simplicity, speed, and failsafe security features makes it an exceptional option for individual users, professional creators, and businesses sharing private videos.

8. Filestage – best private video hosting platform for review and approval

Filestage is a specialized platform that’s designed to revolutionize collaboration. Whether you’re a creative professional, marketing team, or a video content creation business. Filestage simplifies the review and approval process, whilst keeping your private videos safe